A Mom’s Shopping Confession

          I have to admit that I know very little when it comes to shopping for healthy foods.  It’s not easy with all this muddy water…it’s hard to tell what’s what. I have always been interested in health, though I haven’t always followed my conscience.  There have been times when I would blindly load my cart with choices of whatever the family would eat; price often determined the decision… and health was a close 3rd.  I didn’t think about food, it just “filled the void”.  In the past few years I have become willing to open my eyes and at least allow myself the awareness of some of the health issues with the foods that fill our grocery stores. The more I learn the more factors arise which influence all of those small decisions I make while shopping for groceries.  

          My purpose now is to be a good steward of all that I have been given in this life.  My family’s health is important to me– Especially important to me is the nutrition of my children, I don’t think that I am unique in this way.  I want to shop with a good conscience while putting good food on the table for our children and I think that an increasing number of people are looking for the labels: GMO-free project verified, Fair Trade, certified organic, sustainability certified …etc.

       Even though I do have strong convictions about the issues that effect the food system; Even though I know that every purchase made is a vote; I still find myself making some irresponsible decisions. I think that I am not alone in struggling with this dilemma–and I really want to make positive changes for my family.  I believe that the best way to do that (aside from growing my own) is to spend less at the grocery store and show up at local farmers markets to load up with as much as we can use. In addition, a local CSA will prove to be a wonderful resource for us all! So I know exactly what I should do next… jump in.  I am really a shy person, and I will need moral support as this is a difficult thing for me to do.

      So sometime over the next week or so I am inviting all and any of you to join me in the search for food freedomJoin millions around the world and March Against Monsanto on May 25! To find a location near you click here Visit a farmers market or CSA and tell us about your experience there. Take a few moments to hug a farmer and show them appreciation for what they do. Plant something edible such as herbs that are very useful in cooking and manageable indoors or outside. Please, if you are doing these things drop a line about it in the comments, I really want to hear from you!Gone to Bloom


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One Response to A Mom’s Shopping Confession

  1. dirtgirlblog says:

    Great idea! We have recently started container gardening (see my post about our seedlings at dirtgirl.net) and are loving the experience. Even though we haven’t gotten any veggies yet, we enjoy caring for our little plants and it has been a great way for me and my husband to spend quality time together. Even if you only have 2 or 3 plants, I highly recommend growing something. It can be a quality bonding time for the whole family.

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